LIFT Enjoying Success and Accepting New Applicants

March, 2013
Culver’s LIFT group is celebrating its second anniversary. Established in 2011, LIFT is Marshall County Community Foundation’s (MCCF) first affinity group, and it is an association of volunteer women whose mission is to collectively support the advancement of women in the Culver area. LIFT does this through mentoring, volunteering, and providing resources to other women.

A donor-advised fund at the MCCF that members contribute to annually allows the group to support women in the Culver area to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. Co-chair Joan Bess says, “We want to reach women who need that extra lift to help them succeed by providing a support system and our friendship. We work with them through one-on-one interactions that can leverage our group’s experiences and skills, and, we do that by offering our friendship.” Co-chair Kathy Lintner adds, “Although we do have some ability to help financially, our hope is to provide more than financial resources. We try to provide our collective experiences and talents so that the women we help might gain what they need to succeed in their own circumstances.”

LIFT is an acronym for Lending, Inspirational Friendship Together. Members of the group endeavor to use their skills, talents, and friendship to “lift” other women to success. Bess says, “Friendship has proven to be the most important aspect of what we do. To date, we have helped two women by developing relationships with them to learn about their circumstances. We can then assess how we might use our skills to help. We think we have been able to contribute to their lives through our friendships with them. It has been a rewarding experience for all of us.”

LIFT members plan to help more women this year and are encouraged by their successes to date. Sue Roth, the group’s historian, says, “As a group, we represent a variety of backgrounds. Some of the women in our group are business-oriented, whereas others have worked as educators, social workers, or in another industry. Several of the members of LIFT also know what a challenge it is to balance family life with work life and other demands. We draw on all of our experiences when connecting with other women who want our help.”

The LIFT group is currently accepting applications from those who might be interested in the group’s help. Bess says, “If you know a woman who might benefit from our group, we’d love to hear from her.” You can learn more about LIFT and contact the group through LIFT’s website at You can download an application from the website at LIFT Information Sheet. You can also write to LIFT at: LIFT, P.O. Box 105, Culver, IN 46511 or write to

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